Finding a scholarship is no small feat. It can take a lot of patience, hard work, and luck. There are always a limited number of scholarships being dished out. Students interested in applying for a scholarship program can look at the following programs to get an idea of what to expect from the process.

The Urban Land Institute Fellowship

The Good Graduate Student Fellowship offers several scholarships worth more than $5,000. These funds will be awarded to graduates who are interested in pursuing real estate-related studies at a North American university, including architecture, urban planning, business, and geography. 

Faculties normally nominate students for this grant before they become eligible. Interested graduates can contact for more details about the program.

The New York Chapter Design Awards

This scholarship aims to promote the art of writing about architecture and design-related subjects. This is to attract criticism among future professionals in the field of architecture. Interested graduates need to be registered for a credible architecture program. 

Students will need to complete an application that includes an architectural essay with criticism or a book review with a descriptive statement of about 100 words. Two submissions are allowed per applicant. For more details, consult

Department of Energy Scholars Program

Applicants for the program will have to exhibit their skills, talents, and education while incorporating the principles of the DOE faculty. This program will also equip graduates with training that will encourage them to pursue a career in the department. For more information, graduates can access

Concluding Scholarships

As can be deduced from above, programs can vary considerably about their conditions and what they offer, from one program to the next. Therefore, it is essential to do the necessary research before applying for any kind of scholarship. However, never lose hope if your application fails to reach an audience the first time. Keep on trying!


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