casino12 - Applying for scholarship opportunities

Applying for a scholarship at a university or educational institution can be nerve-racking if you do not know what to do. Here are some helpful hints to help you on your way to becoming a successful applicant.

Be careful of scams

uni2 - Applying for scholarship opportunities

Watch out for scams that steal your personal information by giving you false promises of a scholarship. The warning signs for a scam may include no specific application deadlines, promises of a guarantee, requests for bank account info, or words like “free money” and “everybody is eligible”, are dead giveaways.

Complete the application

uni3 - Applying for scholarship opportunities

It is crucial to answer every question in the application as honestly as possible. Write “N/A” instead of leaving a question open. Always provide all the supporting documents requested by the organization. Make sure the information you provide is accurate.

Be neat and conscientious

uni6 - Applying for scholarship opportunities

Serious applicants type their applications. Make a few copies of your application before filling it out. If you really must write your application in pen, do so neatly. Applicants who fail to do this may not even be considered.

Be careful of deadlines

uni5 - Applying for scholarship opportunities

Sources indicate that applications sent through weeks before the deadline are more likely to succeed. Don’t ask for an extension, as this immediately creates the wrong impression for the people judging your application. Rather try to submit it a few days before the deadline.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

uni4 - Applying for scholarship opportunities

Finally, everyone has the right to raise a question about a particular aspect of the application process. There is no need to be too embarrassed or afraid to ask a question about anything.


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