Dynamic scholarships and student funding

Find out more about organizations that provide student scholarships and host spectacular events to celebrate study fields such as geology, engineering, arts, and cultural heritage.

Celebrating scholarship in style

Remember to give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done. If you are lucky enough to win a scholarship, share it with friends and family by throwing the ultimate celebration.

Casino-themed arts and cultural festivals

Arts and cultural festivals are a way of life in the US. Read more about popular festivals that host world-class entertainment and that celebrate the history and influence of casinos through the ages.

Not-to-miss scholarship opportunities

There are so many incredible scholarship opportunities out there. Read about some of them here to find out what you can expect if you want to apply for one in the near future.

Scholarship events and activities

Attending festivals or events where corporations or organizations rock up to hand out scholarships is a great idea if you are keen on learning more about the scholarship opportunities out there. 

Large companies offering scholarships

The big companies are always equipping talented folks out there with the tools to apply for a grant or scholarship. Check out companies like Google and Amazon that step up to provide the next generation with the tools they need to succeed.

Win with an engineering contest 

Discover engineering contests to inspire the brightest minds of tomorrow. Read more here to find out if you are eligible for participation. You don’t need to be the greatest engineer in the world to give it a shot.

Tips for getting that scholarship

Get some helpful hints before applying for your next scholarship. This info might just land you that scholarship you have been dreaming of. Take out your notepad to record this valuable information.

Get the most 

Stay informed to get the most out of your scholarship application. You can find all the resources you need right here.